Weird Shape Behavior In Responsive Mode

I can’t figure out why, in responsive mode, some of my shapes move vertically up, some down, and some not vertically at all. I made a video showing this:

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Responsive stuff is going to be difficult when you have overlapping shapes and such. It looks like most of your circles are overlapping, which is going to have some impact. Bubble also tries to look for items on the same “row,” similar to other web frameworks, and have them scale and move together.

I’d say your design there is a really big push for the responsive engine, but hopefully not impossible to figure out.

Thanks Andrew, ya, I managed to get it to work just by playing with the positions of the circles, as well as allowing them to scale down smaller than I had before and making the overall orientation more horizontal than vertical. If anyone else ever tries to do something weird like this, this video will at least show you that it’s possible: