What all can I do with Bubble

Hello Bubble makers or whatever ya`ll are called.

I am still testing the waters here and wanted to know the full scope of Bubble before making a decision.

I currently have an ecommerce website (Wordpress), looking to get into building a app to supplement the website. I wanted to know if Bubble can help me build just a native app or do I need to migrate entirely to Bubble to get to use this amazing platform? If yes, are there any help docs that can help me get started?

Also how intuitive is the platform for making ecommerce websites in general?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks a lot.


Welcome to bubble. It surely is an amazing platform.

Bubble can help you achieve a lot of things, depends on what your target audience and end objective is. I have created a bunch of web as well as mobile apps on bubble and it has worked like a charm so far.

However, if you are looking to create a mobile app for an existing wordpress ecom website, I suggest you look at other platforms (Dropsource for eg) that can help you extend your existing website more seamlessly. Also, bubble doesn’t score as highly in terms of SEO, which might be a factor in case of an ecommerce website.

You can off course build an ecommerce platform on bubble and it’ll work just fine. The video tutorials are a good way to get started. You’ll also be able to pick up a lot from the forum.

Wish you good luck with your project.



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