Newbie with app idea looking for help

Hi guys

I’m already working on my first Bubble app but hitting a wall and not sure how to proceed.
My business was previously built around a simple Wordpress site. The business itself helps people shop online.

A lot of online shops in the country I live are unavailable to buyers abroad, so I order items upon request and charge a fee for it.
Thus, it’s not a classic ecommerce business with inventory and product pages, but more a “product-based service business”.

The way the app should work is:

  • Customers create an account
  • Customers add products (URL, quantity, price, size/color, etc.)
  • We check their request and update their account with a quote
  • Customer pays for the quote within the app (or makes adjustments to their order)
  • Once we have received the ordered items to our warehouse, customer can initiate shipping from within their account (basically “order” and pay for shipping of their products)
  • Throughout the process the customers receives messages from us and should also be able to reply - messaging/email solution needs to be included

Before Bubble, I was working with simple forms on a Wordpress site and Google Sheets for order management, but want to create a more efficient solution for both front and back end.

Do you know any plugins, templates or APIs which could be helpful for building this?
I think I could build the front end but not sure about how to create a backend that makes order management as easy as possible. Obviously, the more parts I don’t need to create myself the better. I’m also open to work arounds and solutions that involve using other apps (e.g. Airtable?).

I’ve found some online shop solutions for Bubble but that’s not really what I need (since we don’t have products in the shop).

Any pointers and advice would be highly appreciated!
(Sorry for any mistakes; non-native English speaker)

Hi Alan

That’s a very interesting concept.
Bubble is a great option for a business like this.

The only integrations I think will be necessary are Stripe and maybe an Email platform like Sendgrid.

I’d love to help you plan, design or build this webapp.
Feel free to drop me an email at any time.

Ranjit | Blur Apps


You are describing a fully fledged app :grinning:. Bubble familiarity definitely needed! Coaching definitely should help cut time!

To get you “jump started” with the basics on logic and dB, below a quick SCRUD (search, create, read, update, delete) video. But … again … Bubble knowledge definitely needed. And it is much better to start your app from scratch because a template would only add to the learning curve.

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