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What are Bubble's most impressive features? Visual, database etc

Hello fellow Bubblers!

Quite a few of my friends are traditional web and database developers and I’d like to tell (and show) them just what Bubble can do :grin:. I imagine many of them won’t think much of Bubble at first because it “isn’t traditional” and doesn’t include maddening amounts of code - so I’d like to show them just how powerful and fast it is.

Please let me know what Bubble features you think are awesome and why (especially if you have a traditional web development background) so I can build a truly epic page and show them what can be done.

Looking forward to seeing what you submit!


Database connection is definetly the most powerful. The incredible simplicity on how to create and add datat types.

Another big one is user accounts. Bubble being able to handle user accounts built into Bubble is very impressive because you dont need to worry about security.


The API connector opened up a whole new world.


the speed that can recreate their own masterpieces :slight_smile: there is nothing more powerful than first to market! you can take that to the bank.