My Bubble journey

Hi Guys,

I’ve been working with Bubble for a few weeks now and wanted to share my thoughts with you. I’ve been a struggling developer for 22 years, never managing to master any language, never managing to launch any of the ideas I’ve had to market until I stumbled across Bubble.

After a several tutorials and forum searches (thank you to everyone who doesn’t realise they helped me) I’ve managed to get the bare bones of an idea I’ve wanted to develop for around 5 years in about 4 hours. Login, profile page, product listings, filters, editing capability, dynamic search, shopping cart…It’s just incredible. I’m not ready to lunch just yet (lots of things to still make pretty) but just wanted to say how magical the development has been. You think of something, you execute it…simple as that.

This morning I was suggested a video on YouTube for building a login page in PHP. It was over an hour long. Takes around 3 minutes in Bubble.

I hope that as I learn more I’ll be able to help out with newcomers to the product but for now, thanks again to everyone in this forum, you’re helping to make ideas a reality.

All the best,



That’s awesome @jkpuck, great to hear that!

Welcome to the forum, the very existence of this active community is one of Bubble’s many strengths.

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@jkpuck - thanks for sharing your story. I think it’s a great testament to what you can accomplish in Bubble (and it’s relative ease compared to other languages). Keep it going!

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This is a powerful platform, but it has limits like anywhere else that are obvious to coders but not to non-coders. A quick example is having a repeating group populated by a search, then having other content within each entry (of a repeating group) also populated by a search. Bubble lets you do this but that will slow your app to a crawl in no time.

Aside from that, what I learned to be a great resource are books on good user interface designs. Bubble lets us skip all the coding books and dive right into the fun topics.

One great book to start with is “Mobile Design Pattern Gallery” by Theresa Neil. Lots of visual examples of bad and good user interface layouts. Once you have a handle on Bubble and look through the example layouts in the book, you’ll realize that you can apply any of them in no time.


Its great James, Waiting to see your app built on bubble