What are some examples of successful Bubble-based apps/businesses?

Curious to know as I’m building my own product on Bubble.


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Thanks @Kfawcett! I also found this on the Bubble blog: https://blog.bubble.is/interviews/home

It’s great to see people building profitable businesses on Bubble and gives me hope about my own!

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Qoins, ScareHunt, OhMyGeorge, Teeming etc. and much more

Adrian Gates
Developer - Apps4Rent

I’m curious about OhMyGeorge, do you know how Bubble is being used?

On a Techcrunch article it says that Dividend Finance, a company that raised $365 million, uses Bubble.

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OhMyGeorge is one of my apps. Sorry for the confusion, the mobile app itself is not built on Bubble, only the marketing website is.

I’ve built Teaddl 100% on Bubble though :slight_smile: It’s a crossover between Trello and Jira, that allows you to run effective huddles and performance reviews.


is your application built on ionic? You don’t build a backend with a bubble? thank you for your explanation. This greatly helped the small development team to build everything in a bubble. We only write what code we need

Yes, the front end is built with Ionic (revamped version to come out soon, built with ReactNative). The backend is also “traditional” (NodeJs). I started OhMyGeorge (with technical co-founders) before I came to know Bubble, that’s why.

Awesome, checking them out now!

Hi @Lucien,

Pretty impressed with the UI on Teaddle :slight_smile: ! Care to share the font used?

Thanks :pray:

Actually, the demo video and screenshots are from October ^^ I need to update them, as the app changed quite a bit since then as you can guess.

Not sure which font you’re talking about. For the logo itself it’s Pacifico, and for the rest it’s mostly Source Sans Pro and its variations.

Is Qoins still built on Bubble? …It seems their website is built on something else now.

The same things seems to happen with impuestocorrecto.com which @emmanuel mentioned in the past, they are now using a new brand (tributi.com) but now there is no trace they are using bubble

Hi, how can i keep in contact with you for my project? I like that app

Thanks :hugs:

You can DM through this forum or email me at [email protected] :slight_smile: