What's the most financially successful Bubble application that you know of?

I posted this question last month, but didn’t get any responses, so wanted to try again. Does anyone know of any Bubble-built applications that have been financially successful? Either in terms of MRR, or getting acquired? I won’t even be picky… I’ll consider anything > $10,000 MRR “successful” for purposes of this question. I am asking after feeling somewhat inundated by the amount of Bubble / NoCode developers offering services, people selling courses, and content creators / evangelists running wild without having seen a single, tangible example of a NoCode success story. Can anyone show me a single, concrete example?

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Check out the examples in this PDF, and maybe we can get lucky and have @BrianHenderson stop by and talk about his success with https://www.washdryfoldpos.com/.


Hi @clark.nc :wave:
You can spend some time here to find Bubble Apps which makes >$10K MRR

Personally the apps which i know is

This is >50K MRR
Screenshot 2022-08-21 at 01.29.37

This one >10K


I think the feeling you have is due to Bubble being extremely useful for prototyping or building smaller applications. Anyone who is honest will express concerns about scaling their app (outside of paying for the enterprise level hosting tier).

The thing with prototyping is that for every 1,000 prototypes 10 are going to be successful. There is a common misconception in the software business that “if you build it they will come”. Building the software is only the start of a successful business. Marketing to, Onboarding and Supporting users is a different proposition altogether. And one that is difficult for a founder who is financing and building their product while possibly also working a full-time job.

It is possible to build “successful” apps, but you will find that most of those folks are too busy running their businesses to spend any time bragging about it on the Bubble forums. Alternatively, for the persons you mentioned, the forums are a prime sales/marketing platform for them and Bubble seems to support this strategy (as per the paid coaching sessions that they offer).

However @clark.nc I’m genuinely curious why you are asking the question… Are you annoyed with all of the vendors spamming their wares on the forums or do you have some other motivation behind the question?


Clark might not be annoyed with that, but I am (yeah, I know, nobody gives a damn, nor should they). It’s getting downright silly these days, but people gotta get paid, I guess.

I think it’s time for Bubble to create a forum category for anything that links to paid content. The poor Showcase category is almost nothing but vendor spam and bumped posts these days (although, you have to give folks credit for getting more creative with their bumping, including my new favorite, the “make a new comment and then immediately delete it” trick), and I’m sure that wasn’t the intent of that category. I’m actually embarrassed for some of these folks because what they are doing is so transparent, but I guess there is no such thing as bad press, eh?


Hey @viquarahmed07
I didn’t know about Bubble App of the Day.
I believe it’s the first thing to show clients when discussing about bubble.
Thanks :blush:

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Hey there, thank you for the response! What you said makes a lot of sense. Bubble, by design, makes it very easy to prototype ideas. You can “fail fast” with Bubble, and therefore, there’s probably a big % of projects that don’t really get off the ground, and that’s OK. I’m not super active on this forum, so the sellers here haven’t caused me too much heartburn, although I have noticed them before, and some of the posts are super cringe-worthy. My question really stemmed from feeling a little bombarded by Twitter posts from people essentially preaching / evangelizing all things NoCode while they sell courses and services to their audience. I just couldn’t reconcile their glorification of NoCode/Bubble with what (to me) felt like a huge, noticeable absence of any success stories to support this notion that this is could be anyone’s ticket to the big time. Before discovering Bubble, I spent a lot of my time learning and building applications with traditional coding languages. It was VERY time consuming and it wasn’t easy, but, there were also people “building in public” and being very transparent about the success (and failures) of their ventures. It was inspirational and reassuring. Sure, NoCode is much newer, but still… something felt off to me. All of these people making an argument for something without anything/anyone to point to to show what the potential actually is. After digging for the past 2 days, it seems like the successful applications are out there, but there aren’t as many, and the teams behind them definitely aren’t as public about their success.


Thanks for sharing this PDF. Should be helpful in making a case to investors.

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What would you like to know, @mikeloc ? I’m happy to answer questions if you have some.

I can’t share much about our financials in a public forum like this, but I do very much enjoy sharing what I call “vanity metrics” which sound impressive even though they probably don’t really mean much :sunglasses: They make me feel good though!

For example, we’ve sold point-of-sale systems to customers in 48 states now:

Another fun thing is that we log how many pounds of laundry have been processed through our software for drop-off laundry services at laundromats. We’ve been in business since 2016, but since we launched our current cloud-based software (built entirely with Bubble) in late 2020 then we’ve tracked over 14.3 million pounds of laundry :partying_face:


I don’t have any specific questions, @BrianHenderson. I was just trying to give Clark some examples of Bubble success stories, and your story certainly seems like a successful one to me. :slight_smile:



I have no fantasy fairytale but can offer some words of wisdom. If you solve a problem, work hard and listen to your audience, the financial gains are greatly accelerated. Do what others can’t do and you’ll win the game.



I 100% agree with this. We built an entire business and sales process around serving a very particular niche before we even began dreaming about rolling our own solution from scratch.

We took the stair-step approach because we needed to determine if there even was a large enough demand and market for the product we wanted to sell. We became dealers of an existing software product for a few years which allowed us to test out pricing, find product/market fit, refine our sales pitch, sort out order fulfillment and vendors, and take in a lot of feedback about what features worked and what didn’t for our customers. Then, once we had a large enough customer base and a steady income stream, we started researching a way to build our own cloud-based solution which led us to Bubble.

In the year and a half since we launched our new product we have more than doubled our customer base and our growth rate has really taken off. It’s been great!


Fair points… my impression is:

  1. It’s easier to make money selling services to aspiring app builders than it is building a money making app. However, those services have value. Some were very helpful to me when I started learning the platform.

  2. Nocode marketing can get ahead of itself (easily launch an app with no coding skills and raise millions!!). But the reality is that to build an app into something financially successful usually takes a ton of work, with very low chances of success. Still, Bubble as a tool makes the process easier and increases one’s chances of success on balance.

  3. Despite the flaws and drawbacks of Bubble and other nocode tools (and those drawbacks can sometimes be serious, time-sucking, app-killing issues), these tools are revolutionary. They open up app building to a lot more people


@clark.nc If I’m honest, I was “poking the bear” a bit. However, I find it difficult to fault people for taking proper advantage of the system. It can definitely be annoying but Bubble can easily resolve this problem as @mikeloc suggested in his response by segmenting out advertisements.

I firmly put my target on Bubble to do better. And as I’ve said in other posts, I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t believe that they will eventually get around to all of these problems including issues on the forums (which has to be amongst the lowest of priorities for them presently).

I think a few things that would help are:

  1. More involvement/comments/moderation on the forums from Bubble Support like we have seen recently from @sam.morgan
  2. More 100% free tutorials and training webinars from Bubble
  3. Creating a Tech Evangelist position(s) within the Bubble Co. who hosts regular sessions and can speak to the community about the forums, about the marketplace vendors, about the successful apps AND the unsuccessful ones. (maybe they have this already but I am not aware of who that person is)

Love this summary! Bubble is beyond anything on the market right now and I really believe they are so far ahead of the competition. When they open up the full power of node, external database and custom data types for plugins it will be game over for the competition (my opinion).

TBH, the examples in the PDF aren’t terribly convincing.

I am an experienced developer and startup founder, with 3 companies who all raised capital and all had successful “large-ish” exists.

I really really like bubble as a place to build things quickly on my own without hiring a team. I am more of a backend person, so I see bubble as sort of a front-end framework. I also don’t see any reason to move off of bubble even once one of my projects raises money.

I also bristle at what many developers scoff at. An infatuation with frameworks and processes are killer at an early stage: I guarantee you that speed of execution (bubble’s strength) is much more important than various visual and performance tweaks some devs obsess over. None of that matters when you run out of money.

That said, I am pretty new to bubble so maybe I haven’t hit some skelton in the closet. What am I missing? Are there real barriers to growth inherent in bubble, or is it just investors and devs not having an open mind?

My entirely unscientific opinion is that it’s probably a mix of everything that you are thinking… successful Bubble apps aren’t always public; investors and devs not having an open mind (though this will change); and there are some barriers.

Re: barriers, I call it the “wall”. It’s something the platform can’t do that you critically need, and no matter how you hard try you can’t get over or around it. It’s part of the tradeoff with nocode. Bubble is probably more flexible/powerful than others, and it keeps getting better, but still there are limitations. Some types of apps never hit a wall and can happily grow on the platform long-term, while others hit it and have to move off.

(My specific “wall” with Bubble has to do with certain types of searches getting executed client side, which means that if my database gets too big, Bubble won’t be able to execute the searches without long waits. I’m hoping however that they expand their server side search functionality before that happens :slightly_smiling_face:).

Even if an app doesn’t hit a hard wall, once it becomes financially successful, the owners then have the money to do custom code. At that point they’ll know exactly what they want, so if they think they can get a better performing app or have more control over their destiny, they can spend the money to do it.

This is more of a general observation on nocode. Bubble is a great tool. Over time I can see more apps being developed on it and staying on the platform as the word spreads and the platform keeps getting better. It’s just the nature of nocode at this point in time.


Reply to OP. The number of dedicated clients/servers on Bubble should give you an idea. Those were in the 3-digit count, 2 years or so ago. No idea today.
You can logically deduce no one runs those just for fun… those are all fledging businesses.

@anon38627393 for whatever it is worth, here is the present listing (from dnsdumpster):

Once my new app hits this mark, I’ll share the financials with everyone here. :slight_smile: I think it would be good for the community - And honestly don’t care if y’all know if I make $10,000/month or $100/month. So far, I have just about 100 hours invested in Bubble - It’s a simple listing service.

I’ll be curious how my app grows and how the expenses will increase.

I’m launching in 4th quarter 2022. Hope for the success - And I’ll make sure the community knows of it success or failure and how much money I made vs. how much I lost.