What are the steps for developing an AI trip planner app

I’m looking to develop an AI-powered trip planner app and would love some guidance on the key steps for developing an AI trip planner app. From initial concept to deployment, what are the essential stages I should focus on to ensure a successful launch? Any advice on tools, technologies, or best practices would be greatly appreciated!

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Before you dive in, here are some key things to consider:

  1. Define Your Goals & Users:
    What problem are you solving?
    Who is your target audience?
    What features are essential for their needs?

Having a clear vision will guide your development process and ensure your app delivers value.
2. Complexity vs. Capability: :balance_scale:
Bubble is powerful, but not for everything.
Consider the app’s complexity and scalability needs.
For highly custom functionalities, traditional coding might be a better fit.
3. Embrace the Learning Curve:

No-code doesn’t mean no learning!
Understanding core concepts like data structures and workflows will optimize your app.
Bubble offers excellent resources to get you started.

  1. Potential Vendor Lock-in:
    Your app resides within Bubble’s platform.
    Switching to another platform later could be complex.

  2. Scalability & Costs:
    Bubble offers various pricing plans.

Consider potential future growth and how it might impact costs.