What do I need to do or tell users about cookies?

I know absolutely nothing about cookies beyond, roughly, what they are and what they do.

Is there a resource I can look at that will tell me;

Do I need to have one of thosse “Cookie messages” on my app so Users can despair at it and click OK to accept them or Delete them.

If so, Is that what the Cookie plug ins do and is that all I need to do?
If so, Is there a recommended one I specifically need to use in the UK that takes accommodates whatever the UK’s current situation is on the Brexit EU Extraction timeline (there was something about food yesterday that came into being, has anything changed or is anything about to change regarding cookies?).
I’m expecting it not to matter because my app is only little but there’s always that person out there who knows this stuff and I don’t want them to trip me up on some legal point so I really appreciate any pointers.

You can:

  1. check what cookies policies some popular websites have
  2. look for some ToS and privacy policy generators. Usually they also have cookie policy generator.
  3. search for templates of cookies policies

That’s what bubble uses cookies for (keep in mind, that’s an old thread, so things could change - better contact Bubble support for full disclosure):

P.S. btw, not sure how “deny all cookies” works for Bubble apps. As we know - Bubble creates a temporary user and stores it as a cookie when a visitor loads your website. But the visitor can deny all cookies - so Bubble should delete the cookie. So idk if it’s possible. Hope other Bubblers could explain.


This is really cool. Thank you so much.

I think I’m on the right lines…I’ve basically just been nicking other websites’ policies and customising them to fit my app.