Help me to check if i use cookies on my bubble app in proper way

Hi , I am not sure if I use cookies in my app in proper way . It is under construction but I dont know if i set / create and delete them properly.

in , i am not sure if i use the cookies in proper way , i mean when to create , set , delete cookies . As I understand it should be like :

1.First time user goes to my website → the cookie / gdpr banner shows where he can approve the cookies he would like the website would use
2.For example in that above situation i create and set cookie for eg 2 days those 2 days no banner shows to the user
4.After those 2 days pass the new banner shows and the user can check again it he or she approves cookies ?

If anyone would be interested to check my app and help for paid service i would be very happy . Please message me if interested.

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Hello @gagarindes

You may be able to work this out yourself through the Bubble documentation which is very thorough on this aspect:

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Hey Gagarindes

If the user is logged out, then this is normal behaviour, as logged-out users sessions expire after 3 days, meaning they go back to a blank user, meaning they have not accepted the cookies on the new account.

Hi , ok I heave read the doumentation on this ( i hope so )

But There is a statement in docs as “Note that this setting only controls cookies set by Bubble as part of its core functionality” regarding the cookies the cretate with standard account not logged or signed in .

Am I correct - can I treat this cookies as required and base cookies that has to be turned on to let my app work properly ?

I am not sure that I understand your question

When i set in options / settings “do not set cookies on new visitors by default” checked . I see there are my cookies enabled but also 3 additional cookies enabled . As i understand correctly these are the cookies that are enabled by itself ? And they are required for to make my app work correctly ?

Bubble sets some cookies by default. I saw this posted by @markbo

" * [appname]_live_u2main and [appname]_live_u2main.sig: these cookies are the primary session identifier. This is necessary to support logging in and out of Bubble apps, and saving data to the current user.

  • [appname]_live_u1main: this is used to communicate session information to javascript running in the web browser, and is necessary to support logging in and out of Bubble apps, and saving data to the current user.
  • db_latest_version_[number]: this is a technical cookie that stores the “current user” or “current page item” and it allows for fewer page loads"

This should help you!