What does this mean . Error?

I’m on the personal plan , I added one more api flow and still give same message

Does it run even with that error? Try refreshing your app editor.

For baseline, there are two primary types of API workflows that Bubble lets you create: scheduled workflows and recurring workflows.

  • A scheduled workflow is when you want to run a very specific task at a defined point in time (ex. in 30 minutes send this email to this person).
  • A recurring workflow (which you’re scheduling) is for things that you want to have happen on a regular basis (ex. do a cleanup of this data once a month).

If you can share a bit more about what you’re looking to do, it’ll help clear things up for how to approach your setup. (You may be using a recurring workflow where a scheduled workflow may suffice).

You may find it helpful to read through the intro post on recurring workflows: [New Feature] Recurring workflows. Specifically:

Note that only one recurring event can be applied per thing (for instance, one weekly newsletter per user). These limitations are necessary as this stage as recurring things can be pretty dangerous server side…

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)

No sure if it runs cause my plan can only do monthly

I created a new thing (post like blog) it than goes to current page, after 7 days i would like to delete this blog and move the Orginal post to another section for old post , which looks like a big gallery

That would definitely be a case for a scheduled workflow, not a recurring workflow.

When the blog post is created, that is when you would also schedule the API workflow (for current date/time + 7 days).

thank you I will give it a try

The api workflow is an endpoint, correct ?

And to make the data show up on another page

got the flow to work for delete data, but to show data as new thing is not working atm

Workflow stop working after awhile or is there a limit

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