What has happened to the templates?

It feels like the templates that are in the gallery, are getting worse and worse in quality (Mostly newly submitted by individuals). And people have submitted easy things like Google sign-ins and just regular bubble functions that anyone can manage to create. Other templates are just of poor quality when it comes to UI or workflows/database.

Does anyone else have thoughts regarding this matter?

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Yes, or just overpriced templates.

Hey guys,

I am currently creating a template for the store, and to be honest quality templates take a lot of time to come together Just like a quality app. So don’t be so quick to blame us for this.

The other thing to consider here is that templates sales are not as big as themeforest.com for example. So volume sales are not there (currently) to support the business model you are trying to introduce. And the bubble community lacks the discipline to take the time and offer a real review to rate the product.

Take this, for example, a 5-page template I am currently working on has taken 2 weeks so far to produce the results and quality that I am happy with (and still not finished). And will take several more days to create documentation for.

Anyways those are my thoughts on templates, now don’t get me started on plugins. Maybe my buddy @levon can offer more as he is more experienced in this field.


Well, we are not blaming anyone (at least me) just saying I think the OP is right with the thread.

I’m not talking about zeroqode or other bubblers, just IMO there are some templates that look like made in 2 hours at a ridiculous price.

If we talk about ThemeForest, you have to know a GOOD template can take easily months/year using a team, which plus the price is extremely low and they offer year(s) support.

In the bubble market, you can get some good templates, but IMO the price does not correspond to what they offer.

As I said it’s my opinion without blaming anyone, and everyone is free to sell what he think’s it’s a correct price.

It takes time to do a free plugin, it takes time to create good documentation, but I don’t try to do it “fast” and uncompleted. I prefer not publish it until is ready to use with the quality that I think is required.

Of course, it takes a lot of time, but… we are talking about a template. So what we should do? Publish 70-80% quality templates? I could publish a lot of templates in my free time, but I don’t because I don’t have enough time to create a template with the quality that must have. Maybe a plugin, but template I think it should be published only when it’s 100% ready, 100% tested and above all the price for which they are being published.




Sorry I did not intend to place blame. Your are right about quality products. But I think the term quality needs a more specific definition here. The problem here everyone toses the word “quality” around not defining what it means. To me specifically I don’t believe in “quality”. I believe in giving what the customer wants. That is definition that I use for quality. By giving what the customer wants I should have delivered quality. In templates it’s a bit easier but in plugins it gets much harder.

It’s very hard to design a plug-in that meets the requirements of everyone, I have for example designed plugins that are intended to be used one way to later discover some crazy creative ways people put them to use. I can’t blame the user when problems occur but rather my self for not sending the proper message. Making a specific plug-in is easy but tailoring it to meet a variety of uses is hard and out right impossible.

Anyways the price is the price. We need more reviews to separate the good from the bad.

@AliFarahat I have to agree that there are many poor quality templates along with good ones too. Maybe at some point Bubble would have some kind of an approval process for those to filter out the bad ones, but just like you said it would be hard to define good or bad template. If a poor template (which is free or $5-$10) does the job for the customer then maybe it’s worth to be in the marketplace :slight_smile:
Just my two cents

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Everything about Bubble is overpriced except Bubble itself. It’s kind of a meta thing :smiley:

I agree with OP also. I’ve checked out the last templates and I can see 5 related to this CAD/MDT sh*t. None of them are working. I’m guessing they got deleted or the “creator” deleted his/her account.

I understand Bubble team wanting to run the one and only central repository. It’s a good banking strategy and it will allow them to grow. The problem with that is that we should expect some quality filtering and I believe right now this is not a priority for Bubble. Same thing is happening in the plugin marketplace where people publish a plugin to later delete their account.

Then you have these overpriced templates that are not even responsive or are full of bugs.

One thing is for sure. These CAD/MDT kids have worsen the situation. I hope it’s just a seasonal thing :slight_smile:


I believe the plugins that work are actually underpriced for what they give. I believe people should be paid for the value they bring. But that’s just me.

I wish CAD/MDT would be banned from this forum. I’ve seen nothing but spammy/scammy posts in regards to that topic. IMO all should be flagged as spam.

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