What is a good template for a collapsing sidebar and various page sizes?

I have been working on the template for a site today. I am having trouble because some of the pages are going to be fairly wide (specs not my idea) to house advanced query tools we are developing. To give these tools more screen real estate, I am working on a collapsing sidebar where the icon / button shows in expanded mode and the icon only shows up when collapsed. That part is working. However, I am having trouble controlling how the layout reacts to the various widths (some in excess of 2000px). There are also tall pages (over 2000px) but not as wide.

I was thinking it would be useful to make the sidebar menu remain on the screen during vertical scrolling.

Looking for some tips on building a flexible layout that has the following features:

  • Sidebar on left, staying in screen on vert. scroll
  • Handle wider pages
  • Handle tall pages

Here is a useful example, but instead of hiding the sidebar, I am collapsing it into a second state.

Here is an example of sidebar I am using for reference in the design.

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