🪅 [Collapse Width!] Just 1 Step Missing! - Anyone can CSS/JS/JQ Help?

Hey, i was wondering if someone did a sidemenu collaps inside their app (Collapse Width) or may did this with responsive mode - has anyone an idea or can this be a feature for future?

I now that hidding elements work great when you have them underneath but how to collaps sideways?
Here a screenshot from my new tool i want to build with bubble:

Main and Submenu Visible

Submenu Visible and Menu Small

Menu Small and Submenu Hidden

How can we do this in bubble?

Thanks for the help <3 or maybe just some ideas :slight_smile:

You are going to need a plugin. Search “menu” in the add plugins portion of the editor and choose the one that will work best for you.

Hey Thanks for the help, but this not really collapses the width - it would work if we just have one menu but we have the secondary submenu also in the page and they shoud be triggered independet.

Unfortunately, only with CSS.

Take a look in the post below, I know that it is related to the height, but I assume you could use the same code/logic to manipulate the width as well.

You can do collapsible menu without CSS.

Just make a floater, and when the floater is open, make the content box (left or right) have a conditional border or about 200 px or so (whatever your width of your menu is).

When you hit that toggle, show the border.

To make it look better, add animation to it via transitions.

Play with that for a day and you’ll figure it out.


damn - this is a great idea i will test it out - did you have a showcase somewhere?

i usually make my design big enough so this should work in the responsive mode. i will try it out and give you guys feedback.

Someone with another idea?

This could really work - when you start resizing your browser window this even works perfectly with responsiveness - anyone has an idea how to trigger the responsive engine on bubble via workflow, css, jq or js?

Btw: This only works when the Border is shown when the page is loading - thats why it makes the small jump in page load. If i do not load it directly when the page is loaded - it does not work with the responsive engine.

Brilliant idea, I’m definitely going to play around with this!

Can you also share the editor please? Look really good.

Of course! :slight_smile:

Someone a idea to trigger the responsive engine in bubble without manually changing the browser size?

Are you saying so instead of the border showing when a user is on mobile version, it just shows the menu and doesn’t move it to the right?

In that case I have it set to not display the border at all at a certain page width.

It’ll keep the page where it needs to be on mobile version, and only slide to right on desktop.

I added two things to make this more responsive:

  1. set border width transition on the group.
  2. On toggle > Animate floater slide right in - at like 768ms or something around those lines to match the speed of the “border width transition”

I like how you treat it on mobile but basically i want the collapse of the sidemenu to have more space - this basically works like you see in the video - the question is how can i trigger the responsive editor without changing my browser size per hand - then everything would work fine.

Link to Example Video:

That my friend, is a mystery in Bubble.

I tried that myself, couldn’t figure it out. That would most likely result in some CSS techniques.

Basically i am not a coder, thats why i use bubble - but maybe someone can post this here as well :slight_smile: - when he/she has a solution so the “collapse width topic” can be closed totally after years of questioning from the community.

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Are you using a plug-in for that? I feel like I don’t have that issue with my side slide menu Plugin.

It look like after you close the menu and you resize the window and then that automatically readjusted Responsiveness settings for each element on the screen or the entire document overall. It would be nice if we just had a workflow action that could resize all elements for us because clearly this system isn’t smart enough to identify every single time it needs to happen. I’ve had times when I wanted to resize all the elements without it being possible myself.

No i used a floating group and border left in a group triggered by set state.

What are you using for a plugin?
Most plugins i tried slide the left site and stay with the main content out of browser - i want the content to change in responsiveness when the menu slides in - but this only works if i change my browser size by hand like you see in the video above.

If you want to check out how i did it check out my editor link.
Any CSS trick to change the size by hand so the responsive enginge tracks again?

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