What is bubble built on, where and on what is the data stored and what security is available

Hi Bubble Team,

I have been looking at security topics on the forum but I have not found any cohesive responses on this topic. There are scatters of contributions from participators but I have no idea where this information has come from.

I need information on how the data is stored and on what. What encryption are used and any other general information around security precautions and certifications you have. Hopefully you have a standard one pager you can send me. I am aware of the security access obligations on our side I am just looking for the gaps in information from the bubble user side.

I have to complete a presentation on this topic tomorrow afternoon so I am hoping that you will be able to send some information over by then.

Thank you for your help.


Perhaps you used the wrong search criteria? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say, start here: