What is Bubbles Visual Element Map for kind of Google map?

I have Bubbles visual element Map on my bubble app. Now when I have moved from the Hobby plan to Personal I need to add a key and start paying.

To not have it as a suprice later I need to know the cost. To know the cost I have to know what type of map it is.

In the Bubble reference there is no info about that:

Google Maps

This element displays a single address or list of addresses on a map. It is powered by Google Maps.

Number of markers

A map can either display:
– None: In this case, the map has no markers.
– Single: The map centers this address in the map. This address can be static or dynamic.
– List: The map displays a list of addresses and zooms to display the entire list. In this case, the list comes from the application database.

Type of markers

When the map is set to display a list of dynamic entries, define the type of things to be displayed on the map. It can be users, apartments, etc.

This is Googles billing calculator:


I have one standard map with one marker on it but don’t know what type it is, is it embeded, embeded advanced, static or dynamic?

And if there is a cost to use the map element, what free alternative exists?

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