Google Maps for the Moon / Mars?

Bit of a weird question, but does anyone have any experience using the Google Maps API to display Lunar / Martian maps? It is possible with the api (see here or here), but I don’t exactly know how I’d go about adjusting the google maps plugin to do it.

I’m trying to build an app to show specific locations that already exist in google places (e.g. Olympus Mons).

Anyone have any ideas for how I’d start?

Does this help?

Well, I found that documentation (linked in the original post). The thing I can’t figure out is how to translate that to bubble.

I’ve read all I can about the maps element, but can’t figure out where to specify a “custom type,” or how to customize the underlying code. Should I not use the maps element, maybe do it custom with a js to bubble element?

My bad sorry I didn’t notice that.

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