What is faster - API or Bubble database?

I have a choice of using an API to grab my data (using Airtable), or I can rebuild the database in Bubble and use that as my database to pull from. I will have to create my ‘user’ database in bubble regardless…

I want to continue with what will be faster on performance for my bubble in the future, using an API or Bubble to pull my data.

Is this enough information to answer the question? I appreciate any help!


Hi @adamdenais

I used to use “smartsheet” in the past. Like Airtable, they are very easy to use. After a few weeks I discovered that Bubble db was easier to accomplish (and faster). I also recommend using the maximum of Workflows APIs than staying inside the browser (speed for the user). Feel free to share your experience if you embark on the adventure with AirTable.


Hi @adamdenis,

A relative and easy way to load your data is in via API is using Parabola.io. In partnership with Bubble, Parabola just recently created an easy bubble API link from their UI. You can API data from Bubble to Parabola or vice versa. Speeds are 1000 records (rows) per second if you set it up correctly (i.e. bubble Data API direct feed rather than going through a workflow).


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Great response, it sounds like Bubble db will be faster, and easier to accomplish more complex things I will need to do! (If I end up continuing with Airtable I will share)

Could you expand on what this means - "I also recommend using the maximum of Workflows APIs than staying inside the browser (speed for the user). "


Thank you for answering, that may be something to look at in the future!

Hi @adamdenais

In other words, it is enough to use Workflow APIs for almost everything, in order to increase the user experience and especially the independence of processing. If, for example, a user closes his browser in the middle of operations… you’ll have surprises. I’m still converting some operations to the Workflows APIs. Once understood, you’ll see it as very simple and very effective. Do not forget that Bubble executes operations in parallel, not sequentially.

Parallel action

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