What is happening with Bubble?

So many issues with Bubble lately.

The latest is text rendering centred regardless.

Clearly have my text left aligned.

but when it is rendered, it renders centred.


What is the row or column above it aligned with?

It’s the only element in the group. This is just to demonstrate the issue, it happened to my other page that was fully built. (it was fine before, and just randomly centred everything).

Is there any custom CSS at the element, page, or app level that might be interfering?

If not and the issue is highly reproducible, then a bug report might be warranted.

no custom CSS, was just working fine about a few hours ago. But good point about CSS, could be a plugin causing the issue.

I assume you’re aware of the safe preview modes. Just hover over the Preview button to see options for previewing without loading plugins.

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