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What Is Causing This?

For the life of me I’m trying to understand how to work the responsive settings.

I try and explain box margins but everything is at 0px and nothing is identified.

What is the white space (index) here and how can i adjust them and get rid of them?

As with most things of this nature, it’s really hard to tell without a link to the editor. Could you share or copy the page to the forum app?


Forgot the link!

Is the page. As you can see it’s jarbling up as it’s moving and I cant quite figure out what’s causing it. Driving me nuts!


I think its because the text is too long. I’m having a similar issue, and depending on how tall the text is, the bg element stretches horizontally. Have yet to find a solution to this, so I’ll be tracking this.

How can the text shrink as the page shrinks? This should be standard. On a smaller screen the text does not shrink in size and it’s very large when on a mobile device. If this is what’s causing this issue I can’t find any solution. If anyone knows what’s going on please advise.

@JustinC have a look at the conditional formatting I’ve done on the two text elements and see what impact it has in responsive

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Didn’t think of that!

I also read here: A group of three text elements inside 3 groups not collapsing and it seems that when you’re designing elements to go side by side, group them into two different groups (left and a right) and then add your Element inside of those groups.

If those groups are fixed width they will move on top of one another I assume?

Is this the best approach for designing to group side by side elements into their own seperate groups and fix the container width?

Justin, instead of using the responsive engine, decide what your primary user is going to be using then scale it off of that. I stick with 480 pixels personally because it scales nicely on desktop as well as mobile. The responsive engine is REALLY cool, but don’t make it your focal point.

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So you’re saying start of in the UI builder with a max width of 480 to have it render OK on desktop or mobile?

That’s the way I would do it personally. Is it designed to be a Web page or an app? Both? Don’t jump straight into a product you that is exceedingly complex. Start with basic functionality and format, then expand.

I always keep 360 in mind. That’s the width of the Galaxy S7