What is individual data request in bubble.io

Hi, I checked my apps metric. And It shows that the most workload unit activity is on fetch data. Inside fetch data there is an “individual data request”. When I click this, there is no reference data unlike the search WU unit activities. Is anyone can explain or clarify what is indivual data request WU in BUBBLE?

Requests like Current User, Thing X’s Thing (where a field on thing X is another Thing) I believe.

Current User’s Company’s Employees:first item will use more WU than Current User’s Company as the former references more data.

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About this, How can I avoid this individual data request? I can’t just change the whole process of my workflow. It doesn’t make sense if the data requested is the Current User’s Event fee. Also, the bubble doesn’t have any breakdown of individual data requests.

Why not? That seems reasonable to me.

I mean It consumes more WU than a Do a search. Also doesn’t have breakdown for individual data request.

Are you sure? A search is 0.3WU (+a little bit for each result returned). An individual data request just returns one thing from the DB (0.015WU)

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