What is stored in Current user when the user is not logged in


I have an app where the users can either upvote/downvote a post. I’m currently using the count of number of users in a upvote/downvote list for the current post. I want to know what happens when a user is not logged in. What is stored in the “current user” when a user is not logged in? Is there a way to track the user’s input?

I do not want people to login to vote, but would like to limit the vote to one per device. Is it necessary to use an API to get the IP address in order to achieve what I need or can i use the “Current User” function do this by default?


Yes, you can do it, but probably not as you describe.

There is no actual “User” thing, so you can’t add the current user to the a list of users (at least I don’t think you can !!).

However, the user is stored on a cookie on the device so any changes to you make the User thing for a non-logged in User is saved.

So what you can do is have a list of “Posts Voted On” on the User thing, and just check that to see if they have already voted for the Post.

Hey Nigel, my question is, how do i get that data to may database? When i use it on debug mode, i do not see any action stored when the user is not logged in.