What is the best way to allow beta testers to access your app with their phone

There is always a “normal way” and a “Bubble Way” to do everything. That much I have learned. ha ha

I’m wondering how I can give access to 2 beta testers to run through some QA on my app without giving them any passwords to my actual Bubble dashboard.


Oppsie!! Saw with “with your phone”.

When you wrap an app, there is usually a testing app you can get that just embeds your app inside of it. If that’s not the case, you may have to seek alternative options.

Thank you for the response.

We could go through a browser on the phone. Doesn’t have to be wrapped yet. I haven’t wrapped it for release yet anyway.

So i’m open to whatever, but don’t want to give my entire bubble account’s credentials out to beta testers.

Isn’t there a way to just serve it out to a couple people for testing from within bubble itself?

Just create them account under users (if your app requires login) and setup the magic link functionality in a page for them so they don’t have to login manually.

Sorry for the stupidity here, but they can’t see the app at all if I don’t give them the login to my bubble account. It’s not served out anywhere. It’s within bubble as a project right now.

I’m trying to serve it out to 2 people (or even one) so they can run through it and QA/critique it.

It’s a new app that hasn’t been released or launched in any way. Just trying to get it so they can preview the app without loggin in to bubble

Your development version is always visible unless you put a user and pass on it under your general settings

Just do
Yourdomain. com/version-test

appname.bubbleapps. io/version-test

They don’t need access to your bubble account to see your app…unless you mean you want them to access your editor.

Oh NO… I was messing around with the domain/email section in settings and entered the real domain name which is parked somewhere. Now Bubble | No-code apps is redirecting there instead.

It WAS working like you describe I’m sure… until I just broke it.

Thank you very much for the advice. For some reason I thought you couldn’t access Bubble | No-code apps unless you were also logged into the bubble master development account.

Nope anyone can access it. Only way to protect that is to go to your settings → general and put password on dev or live versions.

Well that is absolutely awful because my DNS records are all messed up now and it will not load the appname.bubble… test mode URL anymore. It redirects to a parked domain.

Guess I have to sort all that out now. By tomorrow morning when the QA is scheduled. Ugh. Nothing like breaking something when you have a huge day coming up.

Wish there was a way to revert or undo the changes I mistakenly made.

Thanks for the help. You definitely accurately answered the question

If you need help with domain post your current DNS here and I’ll see if I can guide

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Thank you sooooo much for the offer of an extra set of eyes. Here are the screenshots. The domain is parked at GoDaddy and has the following settings. I think I have to delete the parked record and add everything I see in the bubble settings?

[screenshot redacted]

Screenshot of settings bubble needs:

[screenshot redacted]


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Here is a perfect resource to set up a GoDaddy custom domain with bubble. Works exactly as shown in this vid, in case anyone needs it.

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