What is the best way to connect with a Raspberry Pi?


I’m a new bubble user! Looks like we have a pretty strong community here, so I thought I’d ask a question to help get me started:

I would like to build a relatively simple web app that will simply turn off/on a few differently colored LEDs that are connected to a Raspberry Pi. While I would like to be able to control the LEDs from the web app, I would also like the app to determine the state of the LEDs (which LEDs are on or off). The idea here is that the LED’s can also be turned on/off locally at the raspberry pi by pressing physical buttons.

I would really appreciate any feedback people have on the best method to get the Pi and Bubble communicating.



I’ve tried to do this. As long you connect your Rasperry Pi to an API you can connect using the API Connector plugin. Still working on it tbh.

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Thanks for the response! Would love to see your project when you’ve got it working. I’ll let you know if I ever successfully get this working as well :slight_smile: