Web app, raspberry pi, accessing NFT reader and camera and local files

Hi all,

I’m new and have searched around but haven’t been able to find a direction to continue researching.

I’m trying to build a kiosk app on a Raspberry Pi. I have a local config file on the RPi that I need the web app (through Chromium) to access almost instantly and reflect any file changes changes.

I also have a few peripherals attached the to RPi that I need the web app to respond to. These include an NFC card reader, camera facial recognition/gesture response and a thermal printer.

Pre-bubble.io I was trying to code this all locally with Python scripts which was a little slow going but at least I could access all local files and use tkinter to create windows and have the program still access/send data to/from those peripherals. I thought about having a local webserver run chromium, but that won’t work with bubble.io as currently my web app is delivered online via chromium.

Appreciate any help with this.

As it appears you can write code already. I would suggest creating a web app as a proxy between your hardware and the bubble app via API calls. That way you can respond quickly to the hardware interfaces locally. Then if your local app has an API interface as well. You can have 2-way communication between your rPi and your bubble interface.

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