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What is the easiest way to generate a QR Code of a user's unique profile URL?

In my app, a user’s profile contains information they will want to share with others via QR Codes. How can I add a QR feature that automatically generates a QR code on the user’s profile page that represents the user’s profile page URL?

I see lots of plugins that seem to generate a QR code based on some text or a URL that a person types into a form. But how can this be generated automatically for each user upon creation of their profile page?

Whether the plugin is free or costs money–I’m totally open to whatever is the easiest solution to use.

I use the Agile QR code plugin as it was the only one I could find that could create via a backend workflow.

You could then schedule the API workflow as part of the user creation profile and store the QR code in the database to use whenever you need.

You’d probably need to pass details into the URL - either unique ID or slug and call on those parameters to display user details on your profile page. Then the QR code is created based on that dynamic URL.

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