QR code generator for page URLs

Good evening dear Bubblers,

I have an app that allows users build their own “pages”, which can be shared via a URL. To simplify the sharing process, I would like to implement QR codes (page author scans the code with his/her phone, and can shares it using their phone’s browser sharing feature…)

Now, I found three plugins in the plugin library, of which two free are not working and the third non-free doesn’t work either. I tried to generate a code from a URL on their demo page (https://barcodeme.bubbleapps.io/), and it gave me… and error code instead of a QR code :slight_smile:)

Does anyone know of a fairly simple way to generate QR codes based on unique URLs?

Many thanks!

Maybe you can do it yourself without a QR code generator plugin by using the Bubble API connector Plugin and a QR code generator API like for example QR code Monkey


I try it once and work.
Are you sure you have been check the url before put in qr code generetor
Maybe you can try to accsess url without qr code first

That would be great. Here is a screenshot using the URL of this very conversation. I also tried a more simple url https://www.google.com with the same result.

Yes, that would be a second option. However, a more time-consuming :slight_smile:

Maybe there something error in the workflow

@shiftart.id do you mean - on the demo page? Let me know when it works so I can give it a try. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can try here: http://goqr.me/api/doc/create-qr-code/

In Bubble use an image element, add dynamic data starting with this string:


Insert what you want in the QR image after the ‘=’ sign.

If the ‘data’ is a URL, use a URL encoder (https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/)

It will convert this (by clicking the ‘Encode’ button on the site):


To this:


Then your final dynamic image string will be (click to try):