What is the maximum length of a text field in the database?

Dear Fellow Bubblers,

I am using Bubble to build my app back-end. There are some text fields containing a long description (or in some cases, a blog post). However, I am not able to store the data correctly - Bubble just doesn’t respond when I try to create a new entry and paste the text into the field.

With some experimentation, it seems like the max length allowed is ~200 characters. Is there a way to get around this ? Or am I doing something wrong ?

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I’ve never come across a limitation for text fields in the database. I’m sure there is one at some point, but it’s at least sufficiently long to store 5 paragraphs of text with a bunch of sloppy HTML formatting (so lots of extra characters) and probably substantially longer than that.

Perhaps try storing something shorter using the same approach to evaluate whether the problem is text length related.


To start with, @sridharan.s, you’re right. I’m now able to store long text. But I just found something weird - i don’t know if this is how they intend it to behave or not, but here goes.

If the focus is still in the text box for the field, like in image 1, and i press the “Create” button, the modal just disappears without creating any data. Now look at image 2 - After entering data in the text box, If i click somewhere in the modal outside the text box, then the focus is no longer on the text field. The modal resizes. And now if i press “create”, it creates successfully.

Weird right? Its almost like they’re looking for a click only when focus isn’t on the “thing” field, else the modal closes without creating the thing.


I’d suggest you preview this and add ?debug_mode=true to the end of the URL. Then, set-up the debugger to through workflows/actions step-by-step and then click the button to see what’s going on.

Sorry I’m a little confused - I’m just making a regular entry in the database - the images shown aren’t from my custom app - they’re part of the bubble platform’s features for entering data into the database.

Hi there,

Yes, you need to click outside the field first before clicking Save.

I’d recommend just whipping up a quick Admin page for you to enter your blog posts. Much nicer than entering into the DB and it will enable you to manipulate blog post data and metadata more easily if you need to.


Thanks Jess. Will definitely do that to maintain/create articles and posts.

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