[SOLVED] What's the maximum number of fields for a data type?

Hi all, is there a maximum number of field I can register for a data type in the database? I created one with 626 fields (all of type TEXT) successfully. But after spending several hours copy/pasting text into each field in the “App Data” tab in the editor, Bubble crashed and showed me an error message saying my data hasn’t been saved.

I then tried putting all of the data into a CSV and uploading it, but the I get another error message saying “Error requesting upload_thing”.

It’s getting very frustrating, this is a so simple thing and yet I spend all the day trying to get my informations in the database. I’m desperate… Can anyone help me?

What data object could be so complex that it has 620+ individual text fields? This is literally, actually not possible. Might you be looking for information on arrays? (“Lists” of things as Bubble would have it.)

Perhaps you can share a bit more about why you’re looking to have so many fields.

As @keith pointed to, if you’re making proper use of relational database logic, there’s no need for using anywhere near that many fields on a single data type.


In my app, I have several pages of text divided in many components (Titles, paragraphs…). I want a single page to dynamically display the appropriate text instead of creating dozens of pages. Now to have the text displays properly, each piece of text has to be identifiable. This means I have a field name for every piece:

For every additional page I need to create, I simply have to create a new row in the database and fill out the fields

I would share my application but I have a confidential agreement with my client… so I can’t

I would create three type entities: page, title, paragraph. Page will have a PageTitles field of type Title (list) and a PageParagraph field of type Paragraph (list) … in this way the fields are “transformed” into records. For every additional page you can create the corresponding titles and paragraphs (records)

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Sounds good. And how would you refer, to lets say, paragraphe 69? Making a “Do a search for” might cause performance issues…

“Do a search for” is not necessary to load fields of type list (the related records are automatically loaded with master entity “page”). if the problem is the performances you could build the page using repeating groups (vertical scroll ext.) that loads the contents dinamically

@gm.zumbo is pointing you in the right direction. I might suggest you explore @petter’s very well done project, Novel Organizer, since it parallels what you are describing.

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@gm.zumbo, I followed your advice. I managed to rotate my table; turned the fields into rows. This fixed the max column issues. As for performance, since I have groups that are hidden upon loading, all data is not loading on page load, so I made a workflow that loads all rows into a custom state on page load. Everything runs fine and fluid.

Thank you very much for your help.

I am pleased to have been helpful

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