What is the run.js file

Does anyone know where this file comes from? Is it a plugin? It’s 614kb in size and slowing down my site.

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I just confirmed that this is native to Bubble.

Does anyone know how to improve the performance of that file? Can it be delayed? It’s impacting my page load speed score.


Did you manage to increase the performance of run.js ? @nunesr

My guess is it contains all the logic Bubble needs for running client side workflows/dynamic data etc.

This thread discusses it a bit.

Definitely seems like something that can/should be optimized. Even on a blank Bubble page, with nothing on it, the file is 622kb.

To @MattN 's point, it seems like Bubble logic.

It would be nice however to have that file compiled based on what’s needed on the page? There must be a lot of code in there that isn’t being used on every page load.


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