JS file impacting my landing page load time

Hello all!

Google is telling me that I have a performance issue with Bubble app (www.gofenix.io) when loading my home page:
https://pagespeed.web.dev/report?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgofenix.io%2F&hl=fr (in particular for mobile).

It looks like one of the key factor is a JS running, which has a size of 600kb, and 7680ms on mobile:

However, I am unsure about what this JS file is about. How can I find what elements/workflows are impacting its size?

Thanks in advance!

@jonathan.pinet I’d open dev tools, in network and refresh page until this big js file appears you can relate to what happens in real time in the page.

Or start disabaling workflows until some workflow matchs what is happening.

makes sense?

Thanks @Clasicwebtools - I will try this.

I have 46 workflows on my homepage - however, they are all fairly simple (setting custom states or navigation to other pages - nothing complex). Could the number of workflows be affecting the size of this JS file?

@jonathan.pinet yup, that may be the problem. Cause it doesn’t matter if it is not using does files, your app needs to load them as files.

Makes sense, thank you!

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