What is the standard path to my App's sitemap.xml?

I have an App with custom domain and I have set my App to expose a sitemap file (Settings > SEO / metatags > Expose a sitemap file)

I’d like to see how my sitemap looks like and eventually point search engines to the right direction but I can’t find my sitemap file… I have tried the following path : https://[customdomain].com/sitemap.xml but it comes up empty

Does anyone know where I can find the “standard” sitemap file generated and exposed by Bubble ? (not talking about a custom sitemap file that I could choose to host at the root)

Never mind… I found it at https://[customdomain].com/sitemap-index.xml

Why does-it appear to be page-specific rather than site generic ?

Hopefully I have a single page App using slugs to set dynamic URL based on the index page’s thing. But there is also a sitemap-404.xml for that other page…

Would there be a sitemap file for each and every page in a multipages app ? How would the search engine handle multiple sitemap files ?

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yep the entire webpage sitemap should show at


You can then give this to google search console

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