SEO, Bubble and Google

Hello and happy new year everybody !

My website is a platform for events, so I have 2 main pages : index and search, and a unique ID for each event (when you click on it for details on the page Search).

What is the process to make my events appears in Google ? How can I do to put all the URL in the Google Search Console ? I tried this process, but it doesn’t seems to work :

  • list all events unique ID with a repeating group
  • export the list in CSV
  • past the list in so as to convert it in Sitemap.
  • Save it in a text editor program as sitemap.xml
  • in Bubble, uncheck “Expose a sitemap file”
  • update my sitemap file it in the root folder in Bubble
  • Push the website to live
  • Go to Google search console and put my custom sitemap adress. Google see all the pages and give me the number
  • But… nothing happened after !

Did I made a mistake ?
Which URL do I need to put : https or http ? with or without the WWW ?
In fact, Google seems to consider it as a redirection…

If you had any ideas to create easily my sitemap, I would be so happy, because it’s hard not to appear in the Google results…

Thank you so much!



I am not 100% sure about my answer to your situation but,

  1. from what I recall, you do not need to upload a sitemap, as it is handled automatically by bubble now.

  2. Dynamic data from bubble ( such as event ID ) is able to be indexed by google and you don’t need to have it done so in your sitemap. As a side note to this, were you planning to create some kind of method to update the sitemap after every event is added or removed from the site?

Obviously, I don’t know that much about it, as I haven’t needed to do this yet, but I do remember seeing a lot of discussion on the forum regarding sitemaps; if you have not yet, I’d suggest reading through all of the forum threads and posts on the topic.

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Hello Boston, thank for your answer.

  • as I know, Bubble doesn’t know how to list dynamique search (as I am looking for)
  • because it is not managed by Bubble, I think I have to do it manually. That’s why I explained my steps. But I think there is another way.

I was looking for the answer before posting, but didn’t find.


I read through a thread again as I am very keen on understanding how to improve SEO on bubble.

I posted this question in the past

but never got a response on it. I remember in the past reading about bubble sending pages to google automatically, but quite possibly forgot that the dynamically created pages was an unresolved issue.

Still not sure if the link approach I am banking on will workout or not.

Hopefully somebody who knows how to do it will chime in.

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I just watched this video from @romanmg and she mentions the idea of dynamic data.

As I watched it seems like she does what you described as the steps you followed ( maybe you watched this video already )

Near the end she shows an example of her sitemap, and I didn’t look closely but I think you can see the URLs, which may be helpful to figuring out why you didn’t get the intended results.


Thanks !

I didn’t saw it but I explain the full process to generate the sitemap. I checked today the search Console and it worked !

On the event page, I create enriched results, so it improve my display sometime. But it is hard to appear directly in a good ranking. That’s why I am running a blog under Wordress on a subdomain !

If you have any free time to put some screen shots of how you did that it would be much appreciated. Somebody in the past told me about them and linked to googles discussion on them, but it was beyond me and I had to move on from it.

Awesome to know what you had done worked, I will be able to use it as a guide when I push live in the next month or so.

I’ve seen threads on this topic…did you follow the instructions from those on how to do this? I’ve been thinking this may be necessary for me as well since my apps success will for a large part be dependent on good search rankings.

Perhaps look into Google Event Schema.

I would truly appreciate knowing more about how you did that after all. If you’re able, please post more details about how you made it work, or create another thread, if you want. I’m still in the process of creating my own website, but I’d like to learn as much as possible about efficient SEO and Google rankings. I’m interested in how did you put all the URL in the Google Search Console because this is relatively new for me, and what about the sitemap? I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.