What is your Product Development System or Framework?

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From the technical bubble builders and the non-technical founders who have learned from their mistakes - what should a solo non-technical founder do to manage their MVP build to make it as easy as possible to scale?

I’m confident I can scrape together a functioning MVP for my initial committed customers (a couple dozen users). What I’m not confident in is my that I’ll be able to keep track of where things are breaking and efficiently onboard a tech co-founder or dev to takeover product so I can focus on the business.

I’m sure there are some “development systems” or best practices I could follow now that would make my future product people’s lives (and my life) easier once I hand over the MVP. I’ve had a hard time finding something specific to bubble and I’m not sure the jargon I should be using to search for it (idk what a scrum is).

Any frameworks, articles, resources, project management tools, spreadsheet templates, etc. you can recommend or share would be appreciated.


Hello Josh.

I believe terms like Scrum and Agile are used to describe a set of practices for taking a software project from start to finish. Agile is the blueprint for a typical project which may consist of 6-7 stages, Planning, Research & Requirements, Designing & Prototyping, Development, Testing, Launching, and Monitoring, and Scrum is like a method for rapidly hitting milestones during each stage.

I hope I explained it well. Here are some links that can be more helpful.

What is Agile? | Agile 101 | Agile Alliance

What is Scrum?

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Thanks for the info @randreas.

Hey :v: here are the tips I would give to myself working as a PM during the day, and a passionate bubble Dev at night 🥲 :yum:

When you start a project as a solo-preneur i would definitely recommend that you treat it the same as a little team project with you in all roles.

Depending in what pace you develop, you can set yourself little timeboxes with a framework like scrum. Or going with a Kanban.

With the thought in mind to get a tech Co-founder on board later, it is important to write down all your ideas and steps down as user stories, and store them in a backlog. (free tool e.g. Trello, or more complex Notion) my recommendation, Keep it simple.

By creating these backlog items, you will help the joining people, (and yourself) to better understand the vision that you had in mind while creating the mvp.

If you create the designs in figma(free) or any other design tool upfront, make sure to keep every state of your design-evolution, so you can later see the path from 0 to take-off.

Write yourself a booklet of bubble-knowledge.
You run into a problem? Write it down, you find a solution for something that could turn out as a problem later → in the booklet.
Sometimes we face challenges, solve them, but later after one year or so, can’t remember how we did it. Super useful.

Also keep a journal aside the backlog, note down the fails, and also the successes, even little ones.
Sometimes it’s only a little button that drives us crazy for hours because it won’t show the damn kitten picture when clicking on it.
I usually take Screenshots every 1-2 days of my apps to see how and what i improved any time later.

Hope that helps a little.


Super helpful! This is really validating as it was my hunch to just document as much as possible - I have been teaching myself notion simultaneously which has worked surprisingly well.

It seems like a solopreneur bubble playbook organizer could be its own product haha.

Thanks for your help! :grin:

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