What means JSON Operations,[object Object]?

I am trying to call an API via Bubble Connector. The idea is to change an indicated text for another.

So, I think that Operations,[object Object],[object Object] means that the API will change “object” for “Object”.

Example, in a DOCX document I mark a word with {word}. The API will change the {word} for any other word that I specify. But I don’t know how to take this part of the documentation to implement on Bubble.

Can anyone help me, please?

Can you provide the link to API Doc.
Normally you probably need to replace the object by the correct thing inside it. Little bit strange that they use header for that (from what I see), but not impossible



Document is really not detailled about what to do here. I think you should ask their support or check if they have a forum.
I suspect that you need to check in schema definition and probably use this one
Operation probably need to be replaced by MultiReplaceStringRequest and the object part, by this schema.
But again, the doc is not complete about that and what you need to put there.

This make any sense to you?



I am testing on Postman this way:

And I guess it’s not working in postman?
The payload I guess need to be put in templateDefinition header from what I understand
Focus more on DocxTemplateApplifcationRequest object (or Operation one).
They seem to be the key schema for this endpoint