What technologies does bubble use (db, frontend, backend, hosting etc)?

Just curious to know: once you build and deploy an app to bubble, what underlying languages and technologies is the app built on?

Specific questions:

What is bubble hosted on (AWS I’m guessing)? What CDNs does bubble use to deliver web pages?

What kind of database is used to store and manage data?

What languages are used on the server side for backend workflows?

What languages/frameworks are used on the front end?


Hey Rushabh! @david2 was telling me the other day about this plugin https://www.whatruns.com/ that will show you some of the website’s stack.

AWS is used for hosting, I know they use PostgreSQL on RDS and my understanding is that apps are containerized with different containers for test/live versions (but not sure).

Theres a some of this information on the forum, mostly in posts by Emmanuel and Josh, and there is a job posting at https://bubble.io/jobs that has some of this info too.

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@rushabh This post (and overall thread) from Josh has some good info! How to explain what Bubble does elegantly?