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What type of call geo search box makes?

I have a search box which is set to geographical places.
If a user types “new” he will be shown:
New York, New Hampshire, New England, New Orleans, New Mexico, New Delhi
Which he can select.

I want to know is it auto complete without session or with session Or places API, which type bubble calls ?

Here we can see different types and their pricing, which are applicable for us ?


it is shouldn’t be Places API. Every item in the autocomplete results will deemed as a search request. You can see the usage stats in the Google Developer Console.

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It doesn’t show if it it’s autocomplete with session or without it.

You see there the totals. My point is that one search with Google Maps API with the autocomplete dropdown will result not 1 search but more (for instance 5 or 10).

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I checked my cloud console it’s charging for per request not for per session.
Everytime the user enters a alphabet, the results showed are charged😤

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