Google Geocode API pricing - Searchbox Element Prefer Results

I’m curious if anybody has data to share regarding what the costs are for use of the searchbox element when set to geographic places and setting the max entries to show.

Is there any difference if I show 5 versus 10 entries?

Also, does Google count each set of entries it shows as a use of the API. What I mean here is, if the user is typing, stops for a moment and begins typing again, which will cause the list of suggestions to change, does that count as another call?

My main concern as it relates to the number of entries to show and the Prefer Results Around. The prefer results around doesn’t work very well at all. If I put the name of a country and the radius set to 1, I get results outside of the country, although the other countries that are part of the suggested entries list are much closer to the country I am setting in prefer results around, but still, it doesn’t work since I should only get results within the country when my radius setting is 1.

I tried to set the radius to 0 but that effectively made it as if I didn’t enter anything into the Prefer Results around. My concern is if, google is charging per suggested entry displayed, the fact that Prefer Results around doesn’t work very well, could cost money.

This has been a concern of mine since the first attempt to use maps api! I had to use the input box instead of search box and some fake overlays of input boxes, hide, show fields, and current users location. It’s a mess! I would love an update on this, dealing with the issue right now. If you set the zip code under the appearance tab in prefer results around it presets to the city state and zip ( a geographic location) So I’ve tried setting a custom state as a geographic location from a zipcode input fields ( we have an operational radius so we ask about the zipcode) and I still cant get any results as expected. Dynamic prefer results around isn’t working, I don’t think. Let’s find a work around. I’m working on it today.

Please send a bug report to bubble support. The more people they hear from the more likely a fix will be made. I’m not 100% sure it is in Bubble control though, but always worth the effort.

I’ll do that. DONE (did that)

In my best effort, rather than requesting current location I’m asking for a zip. The zipcode input field is set to address. From that I am able to dynamically set the prefer results and it’s working. I realize that asking for a zip isn’t ideal.