What was the latest 'gift' Bubble released? I thought it said 'Database clean' but can't find it

I think there was a ‘gift’ Bubble released recently. It didn’t have an info link about it and I think it said briefly ‘a way to clean database’. Was there something released like that recently after the Pause Scheduler release?

Hi Keith, thanks! How do you do this, where is the option?

I simply had not clicked the “gift” icon yet. So I did that and screenshotted it.:woman_shrugging:

I do not know if there is a way to force the gift icon to reappear. double shrug. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

No I mean how do you actually clean up the database history…

Beats me. I didn’t click the link. Guess we have to wait for a post in Announcements category! #effed-for-now

OK somebody who hasn’t clicked the gift, please click it and tell us where the link goes to.

(@bubble: the notification system in the editor is slightly lame, is it not?)

Its on the release notes.

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Ha ha! Indeed it is: the URL is always https://bubble.io/roadmap/release_notes

Seems there’s no menu in the editor with a link to Release Notes. So, I guess we just have to remember that. (Thanks, @mike_verbruggen. And @cowontherun, there ya go! :slight_smile:)

… ALTHOUGH… in this case, there is not “more” link. So, we are still in the dark on this.

TRIPLE SHRUG!!! :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I don’t actually care about this, but golly this is pretty wack-a-doodle, right?

Great question. I found nothing mentioning this update after scanning all the pages of the edtior (I assumed it would be in the Logs -> Capacity tab if something like that did exist as a button). @mike_verbruggen the release notes don’t specify how this feature should work, only that the feature exists…

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“OH HAI GUYS… WE MADE A NEW THING!!!” (Nope, not gonna tell u what it is!)

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I THINK it was on the deployment popup for a while…but not there now. Maybe a rollback?

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Found it:


Nothing scary about that. Nope, not at all.


Oh cool. Thanks!

Something new is coming soon. Going to be a nice feature :slight_smile:


@keith we are open to your :gift: suggestions

Hi @neerja: Well, seems like maybe there should be a link somewhere to the https://bubble.io/roadmap/release_notes page that’s available even when there’s not an “unread gift”, right?

(My other comment was about the fact that the database history wipe announcement has no link to detailed info about that new feature.)

@keith Got it for the first. Second was a soft release but we can certainly add more documentation for that feature.

We pushed a fix to show gift icon in the editor which links to Releases.