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New features announcements & latest deployments


We’ll use this thread to announce new features (and will pin it at the top). Posts here won’t replace feature emails, but will be more immediate and (very likely) more exhaustive.

We just added an action that lets you check the current user’s password, in case you want to check it before an important operation (deleting a thing, etc.). You’ll find it in the ‘Account’ section of the Action menu and can read more about it here


We recently fixed a bug with the :unique filter, improved Repeating Group’s display logic to remove empty entries and made small performance improvements for lists, and made performance improvements for large apps.


Just deployed our Pinterest API integration. You can now pin from Bubble!

You’ll see the different calls to get data from Pinterest in the ‘Get data from an external API’ dropdown, while actions to write to Pinterest are in the plugins section of the Action Menu. Keep in mind that, before being able to use these calls, you’ll need your users to login with Pinterest (similarly to Facebook).


We also deployed today the version 1 of our Workflow API (POST). That means you can now run workflows on an API call. You can read more about it in our (early) documentation

Generally speaking, here is how it works. Once you check the box ‘This app exposes a workflow API’ in the Settings Tab, section API, you can navigate to a new ‘page’ through the Application Menu called ‘API Workflows’. There, you can define some workflows that will become ‘endpoints’ of your API. The general logic is the same as other workflows, you define them action by action.

Then, after creating a key in the Settings Tab, you can start running workflows on a call. There are a few ways to authenticate (workflows can be run as an admin or as a given, logged-in user), you can read more about this in the documentation here.

Let us know in the forum how things go. This is a new feature so we’re expecting to have to improve the documentation, and we’ll be on the forum to help.


i think you mean ‘password’ here, not ‘email’…

nice step for bubble!

Yes fixed the typo

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Great job guys! Would be great to be able to see some real life examples as a tutorial in the near future.

We just released an important feature for database administration. You can now run Bulk Operation on a list of things in the App Data section of the Data Tab. That enables you, for instance, to change all entries in the database, or subscribe all users to Mailchimp, etc.

It works with the new Workflow API page. You define your workflow API to modify a thing of a given type, and then click on ‘Bulk Action’ after selecting a database view and pick the endpoint.

Be careful, this can lead to important changes of your data, so test carefully…


We just fixed a bug where changing the index page for a large app might have failed silently.

Is the “log” tab new as well, or an I just very unobservant ? :slightly_smiling:

Need to get my head around the API features, and what can be done by the “semi technical” person.

Yes, it’s quite new. We announced it in our last email before Xmas. Essentially a way to see afterwards what happened on the server.

We just deployed the ability to specify a quantity in subscriptions. It’s now an option in the subscribe action.



We just deployed :ceiling and :floor operators to help with various computations.


We just released the second part of the Bubble API, the one that lets you read your application database.

Essentially, after exposing the Data API in the Settings Tab and selecting the types that are exposed, you’ll be able to call to get a thing with a given id

and to perform a search and get a list of things of type thing_type.

You can read more about it here

Our Bubble API is now fully released (you can read data and run workflows), but it’s still in beta. We’d love to hear your thoughts as you’re working with it, so that we can improve it (and the documentation) before officially announcing it.

This is a very exciting step for Bubble, as it opens a lot the platform and extends what you can do with Bubble tremendously. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

It’d be great if you could open a thread with cool things you’re doing with the API, we’d love to hear more about your uses cases.


sorry im a slow learner when it comes to certain things. does this mean i can transfer data between 2 bubble apps or no?

Well, since the API lets you communicate with the external words, yes, you can do this, though it’s probably not the most direct use case. And you’ll need to use something like blockspring to implement the calls to the API so that you can use it in the other app.


In the spirit of our new API (and leveraging it), we just added a feature that has been asked for many many times. You can now schedule a workflow that will be run in the future. It’s called ‘Schedule API Workflow in the future’ and it’s in the section ‘Custom Event’. it lets you run an API Workflow at a given date (See

For instance, you can now send an email to a user one week before something happens, you can check something one day after they did something, etc. The possibilities are pretty wide.

This feature goes with the API, and is available to users on the personal plan and higher.


Excited to announce we just deployed a new plugin for Ziggeo, a really cool video platform.

Please check out the reference.

We also put together a simple demo page in the forum app. See the editor or the page in run mode.

As if this weren’t enough, the live app sports a video of our new fish, Mr. Bubbles, a feisty, bubbly Dragon Scale Betta. Have a great weekend!


We just deployed way to have an infinite horizontal scrolling for repeating groups. Very much something like ProductHunt has.

To do this, just pick ‘Horizontal scrolling’ as the layout style. Note that in such a layout, repeating groups can only have one row.

Here is an example of how it looks.