What's the best practice for displaying really long documents

I’m in the process of creating policy docs for T&Cs, Cookies etc some of which are very long.

In order to have users accept the contents of these docs, I obviously need to display them.

I wonder what the best way to display them is. I don’t know whether from a User Experience point of view it’s better to put the document in one long text box (if they can accommodate that much text) so they can scroll straight to the bottom and hit “Accept” or Divide it up over tabs and make it easier to read for that person who wants to. Then is it better to be on a Popup or a dedicated page?

Any input as to the best way to go about this would be much appreciated.

I would store your terms and conditions on a… stand-alone terms_and_conditions page.

Slap a header on it, and a text element with your terms.

On signup offer a link to that page for users to read the t&c. Give them a checkbox to confirm they did it.


Thank you so much for this.
Will a text box accommodate endless text? I nicked another site’s Ts&Cs and they’re 35 pages of A4. Will that max out a text element?
All the best

It can, like i did here

but it will not be pretty. what i suggest add each page of your ToS_&_ToC in database, and show section or paginate them. in beautiful manner.

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Many thanks for this.

This is what I’ve done. You’re right, it doesn’t look pretty but it looks better than I thought it would!

Praise you for giving a care about the ui of your terms and conditions page. :clap: :clap:

We kept ours pretty simple.

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Thank you for sharing this. This is the neatest one I’ve seen recently.

Anyone else looking in here, it’s worth getting to this stuff sooner rather than later. I left it to the end (mostly because it’s all so dull) and it’s a much bigger thing than I expected. I’m nearly there now but I wish I’d faced up to it earlier!

Incidentally, I started off by robbing the Ts and Cs from a very large, international online market place. I was surprised to be correcting typos, finishing sentences and changing words in them. I just mention that because my confidence is quite low but it looks like even the “big guys” wing it.

Check out termly.io

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