What's the impact of SCA on the Stripe Plugin?

Does anybody know whether Bubble users will need to change their API integration for Stripe? We are currently using the Stripe.js plugin but are aware integrations may be impacted by the strong customer authentication regulation in Europe - and Stripe has highlighting this to all customers.

For anybody unaware, this is the article: https://stripe.com/docs/strong-customer-authentication/connect-platforms

If we need to make changes to the integration it would be helpful to know what we need to do, as it comes into force in early September!

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Yes you will. Bubble have said they are updating their plugin but with no confirmed date of when that will be. We are now 4 weeks away from needing it, if you work back we really need it in the next 2 weeks to stand a chance of updating and testing our apps before it needs to be in place.

I am looking at the API connector to see if I just do my own connection so I am not reliant on the plugins.


Also waiting on an update about SCA

Our goal is to push this next week

Hi @emmanuel,

Any update about the Stripe updated plugin for Europe?

I badly need to test it on my app to make sure everything works fine.

Thank you very much

This should be live next week

Without 'Collect the user’s CC information’ step, how can we subscribe a new user to a plan?

SCA means you can’t save a credit card info from a user. You can definitely subscribe a user to a plan, but he’ll have to enter his card information.