Implementing one-time setup fee followed by subscription using SCA approved sulution


I’m trying my hardest to implement a payment solution to our Bubble app and have tried using Stripe.js plugin.

We have one product which is a subsction to our service. When the user first signs up, they are required to pay the first 6 months in advance and should then be automatically billed every month starting on the 7th month.

I’m looking at Stripes documentation and feel in over my head.
I’ve looked at and

I have talked with Stripe chat support and verified, that my process is currently not supported using Client, however using the Server integration I should be able to setup a one-time invoice coupled with a subsction with a 6 month trial period.

Reading through the Server documentation I get very discouraged… Does anyone have experience implementing this type of business model in a Bubble App?

I do however get the feeling that using checkout/server is our only bet since we’re based in EU.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated!

Hi there @asbjoern1990, thanks for posting a great topic!

I currently have a simple stripe implementation that I need to upgrade to have subscriptions and be SCA compliant, so I’m going to be in the same boat as you. I’m not there yet though!

Here are the issues I see…

  1. I don’t think any of the Bubble plugins (stripe, stripe.js) are SCA compliant yet, so changes will be needed to whatever you do now.

  2. My first implementation uses my own API calls to Stripe and my own card capture GUI created in Bubble. I need to decide whether to stay with my own GUI or use Stripe’s own interface (can’t remember the name now… is it Stripe Connect, or Elements?). I have less control over the latter, but it will be more easily SCA compliant and will support more features in the future such as Apple Pay etc etc.

  3. I plan to stay away from any plugins as I don’t want to be dependent on other’s code and changes they make.

  4. Am happy to share all I learn and do in the process! (Realistically I won’t get onto this until July…)

Looking forward to other input,

Best wishes,

The Stripe plugin by Bubble supports the subscriptions.

Hi Antony, thank you for your reply!

Do you feel comfortable using a solution without SCA compliance for the time being?

Just as you I built my own GUI for collecting payment information but was I set on using Stripe.js plugin instead of my own API calls.

That was until I read through the Stripe documentation that made me aware of SCA. We have not lauched yet so there’s no real “harm” done yet, however looking at implementing a SCA compliant solution sets us back months… And there does not seem to be any real movement around it in the Bubble community (yet) which makes it a slow moving process.

It does seem quite straight forward to implement my business model using my own API calls or the Stripe.js plugin, but I’m being extra cautious as this will be my first app with a payment model that doesn’t rely on advertising.

I would appreciate hearing any progress you make, even if it’s months away.

Hello, thank you for your reply!

I’m aware that the Plugin by Bubble supports subscriptions, however the question in mind is a bit broader than that.

Our app needs to:

  • Be SCA compliant
  • Support a one-time setup fee that covers the first 6 months followed by a subscription model.

If you have any experience implementing a solution like this using the Bubble Stripe plugin I would be more than happy to hear any details, as I have been struggling to get this done using the “out of the box” tools from Bubble. I’m unsure if it’s even possible as there doesn’t seem to be a focus on SCA.

Hey @asbjoern1990, it’s a pleasure!

Like you, I haven’t launched yet. My launch date is slipping due to other factors, so it will likely not be till after 14th September now anyway. So yes, non SCA compliant is okay for me until 13th September, though lots of testing will be needed before then…

Let’s keep in touch!


@neerja will you update your Stripe plugin to be SCA compliant?

@antony you can also use the Mollie Plugin to be SCA compliant.