What's the limit on "Download data as CSV" workflow?

Users can click a button and download data as csv. What’s the limit on this workflow?

It used to be 100 rows. You can do more than that now, I just can’t find the updated limit anywhere.

UPDATE: I reached out to bubble support for the answer. I’ll update this thread when I hear back.

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No idea if there’s a hard limit, but I just tested 7000 large records and it works fine.

Here’s the answer from bubble support:

The download limit really just comes down to a process timeout issue - the number of exact rows can vary based on your apps capacity and server usage. Because of this, apps on a dedicated plan will have the highest amount of downloadable rows.

I would recommend running some tests in your app - If you are running into timeout issues, as a UI practice, you may want to limit the amount of downloadable rows at any given time to what’s visible on the page, rather than allowing users to download all data from the database at once.

In terms of the “upload data as csv” action, we do have more concrete limits based on your plan:

  • Personal Plan: 100 Rows
  • Professional Plan: 200 Rows
  • Production Plan: 1000 Rows
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