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Bubble 100 Row CSV Upload Limit?

Hi friends - does anyone know if the 100 Row CSV limit on the Personal plan applies to when I select “Upload” on the “Data” tab? Or is it only if users are trying to upload CSVs?

I just need it to populate the database, but my CSV files are 1000+ rows. Any way to get around this?


Curious about this, too. I have CSV files that are over 3,000 rows long, for a private app, but to even get 1000 records at a time, I’d have to spent about $500/m for app that won’t be monetized. Really disappointed with this limitation. Anyone with have some insight about this? It seems to be a common issue in this forum

What are you trying to do with the data? There is a plugin by @eli on the marketplace that will help chop this up to upload, and I’m launching a beta test program for data validation (doesn’t create entries in the DB, just validates against rules).