What's this "Transparent" PNG that's failing to load?

Noticing that some of my pages are generating console errors (on Windows Chrome) on an image from URL “dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/static/img/transparent.png”… Kinda looks to me like something that Bubble (or perhaps a Bubble plug-in) refers to… That is, I don’t have an image that I’ve explicitly put in my site or on my pages that would be this image.

The errors don’t seem to be any serious issue, but I’m just curious what this might be. (I’ve not been able to quickly determine where this seems to be coming from…) Anybody seen that/know what it is? (Snip of console log from Chrome pasted below…)

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I get this too, for a page with an image element. It seems to not occur on a refresh.

Can you raise a bug with Bubble? They hopefully will be able to fix the access rules for this png.

I would, but I can’t seem to get this to reliably reproduce. #shrug

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