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📮 Whatsapp and Other Messenger Contact Buttons - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Open Viber/Whatsapp apps using a number, add message to Whatsapp conversion. Use public group and channels links for Messenger and Telegram. Provide a Skype name to make a call and open chat with the user.
Create one click actions for the social media accounts to contact the owner.

How to use:
Simply use plugin action " Open Chat with" with a button, fill in the necessary propriety fields and you’re all set to chat or access a channel.

For demo and other details please visit:

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please take a look at this why does the code falsh red by the number field.

When I test it in my app it works perfectly

Hello there @marlonromano, thanks for reaching out,

That problem may occur when the data type which you pass to the plugin, is different which plugin should receive. In this case, Number should be type of Number, but I guess that Parent group’s Order’s Creator’s Tel may be or List of Number, or Text, or List of Text.

For better support, I suggest you provide me with a screenshot with this action via debugger step-by-step vision.

And also you may have the error messages here. Provide me with a screenshot of the errors pop-up.

Thank you,

Hi yes you are correct I had to change the data type to number. U guys should look into changig it to handle both (text number only) and number. I fixed it and it is working now

Thanks for the feedback @marlonromano.
Unfourtunately it isn’t possible cause in our case application WhatsApp use Number as number type, not as text, that’s why we have restrictions with the data type which we use.

Thank you,

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport - I am facing an issue when using this Plugin on IPAD + Safari browser. Whenever the Open Chat with WhatsApp action is triggered, there seems to be a tab that is opened momentarily and gets closed. Whereas this plugin works on a desktop + chrome browser just fine.

Is there any known issues in using this action on IPAD+Safari browser?

Appreciate any help and guidance.


Hello, @partha
Thanks for reaching out and reporting this issue.

Please allow us to check this point with our Developer Team and to revert with an update at the nearest time.
Thanks for the understanding.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team