When building in the responsive engine, should you use row or column?

I am trying to build an application and am following some of the tutorial videos that bubble offers.

This one in particular is a bit confusing as my goal is to have a reusable side bar on every page of my application that is responsive.

This video shows that the Group C, Main group is stretching to fit the whole page, since I intend on having this setup as a reusable element, will I run into issues building every page of my app with the column width?

Here is the video for reference starting on 2:22: How to Build a Sidebar Layout in Bubble | New Responsive Editor - YouTube

Will building my whole application with column be a challenge or should I not follow this video when designing a reusable side bar menu?

Hello @pauljoneswv

Very worth your while to watch this: :smiley:

Thank you I will do!

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