When do updates to JavaScript package / fonts loaded with page take effect?

I just made a bunch of optimizations to see if I can improve my site’s page load time. The query / database updates I made seemed to take effect immediately, and did make an impact (e.g. fewer searches within searches).

However, I reduced the number of fonts loaded via styles, deleted some styles, and uninstalled some plugins, but none of those changes seem to have taken effect based on what I’m seeing in the network tab when loading the site in incognito / private windows, even after clearing cache.

Is this due to server-side caching, either with Bubble or Cloudfront? Is there something I have to do to trigger the changes to flow throw? Or wait some period of time?

Did ya push your changes to Live?

I’d be interested to know this too. I have tried the optimizations and reduced the various fonts that should be loaded. The idea is to just have a single font loaded, but when I take a look at a page load, I still see the original 3 to 4 different ones that I had.

P.S: I have pushed my changes to live.

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