Speed relating to hidden elements

Hey All,
Does anyone know if there are speed gains in making all elements hidden (i know major pain when editing) then showing them conditionally, as opposed to hiding them conditionally.
As I understand elements only load if they are visible or referred to, I’m wondering if this includes the case in which elements are made invisible conditonally, as there is that split second where the element is visible.

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Yes I’ve been wondering this too and haven’t got round to fulling testing with elements and groups/rg with data but very interested in page load improvements if any and whether they are worth it in the long run, as you’ve said, it can be a bit of a pain and frustration to have lots of conditions using ‘this element is visible’ as opposed to the contrary.

Just done a very quick test on a fresh page (note its pulling custom fonts) - see below

Blank page (not cached):

Blank paged cached version:

Footer loaded with links, images, conditions and workflows applied (not cached) and all visible:

Same but cached version:

Now this time round with ‘this element is not visible’ unchecked - same content (not cached) - condition applied ‘this element is visible when current user is logged in’ checked:

Same but cached version:

Lastly, when the user is logged in to trigger the footer being viewed:

Same but cached:

Note: this was tested in Google with the dev tools, probably needs further tools to check and full cache clearing per test. Also had the debugger active on these pages, not sure on the resources this takes up on the network?

I guess there is another question of how does re-usable elements affect page load speed as well, but thats probably another topic.

Would be interested to get a more inside information as to how this affects sites with more resources? I may do some full testing at the weekend if its of any help.


That would be great I’m not all that savvy with testing. Thanks for the reply, it seams as there is a small saving.
Im also interested in a fully stocked page whether the increase is more.
My pages have a lot too them.
I’ve been using a lot of re usables and they do speed things up, especially editing.
i used to have a one page app no reusables and editing it was so glitchy and it was impossible to navigate the workflows even with them in groups.
since using reuables this has completely changed the speed in which I can edit and its so easy to find workflows each reuable only lists the workflows relevant to it

Sure will give it a go over the course of the weekend, with a few different tools. Indeed, a few added requests and extra ms on the load time.
Yes will give that a try. I have a few admin pages that are set to ‘this element is not visible’ unchecked and then conditionally show based on a data type field. So I will test them as they are and then reverse them. I imagine the most savings would come from groups that are elements heavy or images that are set to be not visible on page load.
I agree the re-usable elements are a real time saver and helps keep the app organised…there is nothing worse than a page with countless workflows, instant brain fog :grin:

Hey how did you go with this

Hiding repeating groups untill page is loaded saves time definitely.